Useful Downloads


Download easIE

This is the standard version of easIE. Download it and give as input your configuration file and you are ready to go! Store your results in a mongodb collection or as a json in the hard drive. In the package there are available example configuration files.

easIE file_download


Configuration file template

If you want to create configuration files from scratch without using the online tool. Download from here the template. Be sure the syntax is correct before starting easIE.

template file_download


Before starting using easIE be sure that ConfigurationFileSchema.json and chromedriver.exe are in the same folder. Then, you just need to define the configuration file path as input. Run easIE from the command line as follows:

java -jar easIE.jar examples/BCorporation.json

If you want to have ConfigurationFileSchema.json and chromedriver.exe in a different folder then you have to give two inputs to easIE: (i) the configuration file path, (ii) the folder path that contains ConfigurationFileSchema.json and chromedriver.exe

java -jar easIE.jar examples/BCorporation.json folder_path_that_contains_prerequisites_files